638 Boyd St.
PO Box 59
Fife Lake, MI 49633
(231) 879-3864
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Try Our Payroll Processing Service!

Located in the Fife Lake office of Forest Area Federal Credit Union, Forest Area Services, LLC is what's known as a Credit Union

Is processing your company's payroll giving you a headache? It doesn't have to! With Forest Area Services Payroll Processing Service, all you have to do is report the number of hours your hourly employees have worked and we'll take care of the rest. Your pay stubs, W-2s, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting requirements, and end of year filings will all be taken care of as part of your doing business with us. Plus, it's much less expensive than you might think. Please give us a call at (231) 879-3864 for more information or email us at faservices@forestarea.com.

Service Organization, or CUSO. Able to serve both members and non-members of Forest Area FCU, Forest Area Services offers a variety of financial services that complement those of the credit union. We offer a variety of services, including personal and business income tax preparation, income tax E-Filing, business payroll services, QuickBooks training, and Land Contract collection. Plus, it's all offered at a cost well below what you might expect. For more information about any of our products, or to arrange a visit, feel free to call us at (231) 879-3864 or email us at faservices@forestarea.com.

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